Ayurveda for Health & Well-Being



The Vedic science of life and the art of healthy living.

The medical traditions of some of the ancient cultures of the world are often unknown in Western culture or are regarded as ‘unscientific’ and ‘unproven’ by the mainstream medical community. Yet these traditions having been saving lives, marriages, communities and preventing serious illnesses for thousands of years. For Centuries sages and rishis have used the cleansing and healing properties of Ayurveda, the science of health and longevity, to heal the body, relax the mind, soothe the soul and renew the spirit. Ayurveda aims to harmonise the mind, body and spirit with our surroundings, from our relationship with our fellow human beings to that with nature itself. Health and Wellbeing- Understanding Ayurveda introduces the philosophy and principles of Ayurveda and gives practical advice on gaining health and happiness through diet, lifestyle, yoga and meditation.

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