Breathe for Health CD



Guided, mindful pranayama or Yoga breathing practice on breathing the body, mind and heart free, with meditation master, Shanti Gowans. This Yoga breathing practice will assist you to energise, heal from within, and recover, one breath at a time.

This CD (56:22mins) is dedicated to Yoga breathing exercises or the Breath of Life through which you can eventually experience the awareness, peace of mind and joy that lies within each and everyone of us. It comes with my personal blessing for your success.

Practice 1: Settling the Body (shavasana) 1:56 mins
Practice 2: Conscious Yoga Breathing 7:31 mins
Practice 3: The Elements (pancha mahabhoota) 5:48 mins
Practice 4: Lower Breathing (adhyam pranayama) 5:44 mins
Practice 5: Middle Breathing (madhyam pranayama) 4:54 mins
Practice 6: Upper Breathing (adhi pranayama) 5:11 mins
Practice 7: The Full Breath (maha yoga pranayama) 2:44 mins
Practice 8: The Body that Breathes 3:48 mins
Practice 9: Internal Breath Awareness 3:51 mins
Practice 10: Progressive Yoga Breathing 8:16 mins
Practice 11: The Mystical Sound of the Cosmic Breath (pranava) 6:30 mins

You will experience
Increased Focus
Greater Creativity
Improved Mood
More Energy
Enhanced Relaxation
Complete Stress Relief.

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