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I’ve put together Calm the Mind, a rich, inspiring variety of 16 separate, short, guided meditation and visualisations as a collection, on 4 CDs that are ‘meditation quickies’ – perfect for people with busy lives. They have stood the test of time as effective, guided practices that talk to you in a soothing voice, and with regular use, are powerfully deepening.

If you experience stress, anxiety, insomnia or just general unease and nervousness, this Calm the Mind collection of ‘meditation quickies’ on 4 CDs is one of the most powerful tools you can use to learn to quickly calm your body and mind. You know that it is possible to get thrown off balance in a matter of minutes by a bad driver on the road, an incident at work, a disagreement, a quarrel with someone you love, and so on; so it seems logical that you should be able to find peace and balance in an equally short period of time.

Here’s what happens when you meditate:
• Your heart rate slows down, often by 10 or even 20%
• Your blood pressure drops
• Your breathing slows down
• Your brain waves shift from beta (active walking) to Alpha (mindful meditative)
• Your concentration improves
• Deep sleep is natural and effortless
• You feel recharged and refreshed.

Here is a list of the guided meditations in Calm the Mind, and the time of each guided practice. You can choose any practice randomly to suit your needs and mood, to calm the mind, expand your heart, dissolve stress, and feel more energised. Set aside a few minutes in your day, listen to the practices, and when Calm the Mind guided instructions finish, continue to let go, relax and dissolve into the unknown for a short while longer, and experience the benefits of meditation in your life now and forever..

Magnificent blessings,
…your own…Shantiji

Calm the Mind Module 1: Quieten your Mind. Six practices
Your thoughts affect your physical health. Take control of your mind and improve your physical and mental health.
Practice 1: Awareness 11:43 mins.
Practice 2: Awareness On Breath 14:05 mins.
Practice 3: Inner Peace 12:19 mins.
Practice 4: Meditating On The Void 9:52 mins.
Practice 5: Sea 9:52 mins.
Practice 6: Sky 11:05 mins.

Calm the Mind Module 2: Expand your Heart. Four practices
Overcome long held fears by tapping into your mind to change the way you think and negative patterns you create. Love yourself simply for who you are with this powerful collection.
Practice 1: Heart Centring 13:32 mins.
Practice 2: The Lotus And The Light 23:51 mins.
Practice 3: Special Heart Needs 13:57 mins.
Practice 4: Inward Loving Meditation 18:03 mins.

Calm the Mind Module 3. Slow down and Dissolve Stress. Four practices
Go deeper into the universe’s mind. Shake off the past and use the guided practices to become the best possible version of yourself in the future.
Practice 1: Moonbeam 21:28
Practice 2: Aura 17:23
Practice 3: Flowering 14:52
Practice 4: Tranquility 18:31

Calm the Mind Module 4. Embrace the Energy. Two practices
Open and balance your chakras through the power of your mind, using these unique sessions.
Practice 1: Transforming the Energy (chakras) 22:31mins
Practice 2: Transcending the Mind 21:31mins

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