Eight Limbs Of Yoga



Eight Limbs of Yoga


Patanjali, an ancient rishi, wrote a succinct treatise on Yoga that is regarded to this day as an outstanding synthesis of yoga and its practices. His work is known as the Yoga Sutras. Yoga has survived all known civilisations, religions and political systems. It is based on a thorough knowledge about the body and mind, and has been tested and developed over thousands of years. The yogis developed something more than just a system to achieve physical health, they developed powerful, core principles, tools and practices that can be used today to live a whole and conscious life.


Yoga is pure science, just like mathematics, physics and chemistry. It is a pure science of the Inner Being. No faith in yoga is needed. Western science tells us to ‘experiment’ , yoga science tells us to ‘experience’. Experimentation and experience are the same, except that they move in different directions.


Yoga is learnt in steps, starting with simple processes. Later the methods become finer with the effects becoming more subtle. They take you through stages of being very alive and creative, to experience one-pointedness and deep inner calmness. Yoga is essentially a path that can help answer the question “Who am I?” It is a study of the infinite, changeless reality, which underlies the world of change.

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