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LOVE YOUR GUMS – Pure Shanti™ Ayurvedic gum powder

Flossing and brushing are not the total answer to oral hygiene. To prevent soft, spongy and receding gums, you need to massage your gums. Use Pure Shanti™ Love your Gums Pure Shanti Ayurvedic gum powder. It prevents tooth decay, cures pyorrhoea, swollen, bleeding and inflammation of gums and is also useful in hardening of gums and teeth, cleansing and healing of wounds and on tooth-ache.

Pure Shanti™Ayurvedic Gum Powder for application on gums and teeth

Method to apply Gum Powder for ideal results:
Dip your finger or a soft toothbrush into the gum powder, then massage your gums gently for 30 seconds. Hold the powder in your mouth for two minutes, and then rinse your mouth out with luke warm water until the water is clear. Use twice a day, everyday.

Ingredients per gram of Pure Shanti™ LOVE YOUR GUMS powder: 
Bakul 220 mg.
Trifala 100 mg.
Babhul 60 mg.
Kabab-Chini 60 mg
Manjishtha 60 mg.
Alum 60 mg.
Jambhul 50 mg.
Vajradanti 40 mg.
Dant Shakti Yog 40g.(Kala Mirch, Pippali, Sunthi & Karpoor 5 mg. each)
Rice Husk 30 mg.
Bor 20 mg.
Khair 20 mg.
Patang 20 mg.
Jeshthmadh 16 mg.
Garlic powder 12.088 g
Akkal Kadha 10 mg.
Anant mul 10 mg.
Maifal 10 mg.
Ajwan   5 mg.
Lavang ka tail  6 mg.
Gairic powder  4 mg
Tomer seed   3 mg
Acrod   3 mg.
Pudina satva   2 mg.
Dalchini   2 mg.
Sugandhi Dravya (herbal) 2mg
Salt q.s.

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