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Hatha Yoga home practice on CD from Shanti Yoga
Hatha Yoga is the most complete form of mental, physical and spiritual activity. It leaves you feeling elated and relaxed rather than exhausted and delivers a sense of wellbeing and balance which is so beneficial in dealing with the stresses of the modern world.

This Hatha Yoga CD provides 2 guided practices, instruction in classical Hatha Yoga, each approx 30 mins in duration. Both practiced together are 63.02 minutes. Work it at your own level.

Practice 1
Sitting [Padmasana]
Breathing exercises [Pranayama]
Eye exercises [Netrasana]
Neck exercises [Gardanasana]
Standing [Tadasana]
Side stretches
Concentration exercises
Cobra [Bhujangasana]
Bow [Dhanurasana]
Embryonic position [Garbha Pinda]
Forward bending stretch
Full forward bend
Relaxation position [Shavasana]

Practice 2
Shoulder stand [Sarvangasana]
Plough [Halasana]
Fish [Matsyasana]
Neck exercises [Gardanasana]
Sun vitalisation [Surya Namaskar]
Spinal stretch [Yoga Mudra]
Deep relaxation [Yoga Nidra]

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