Meditation for Children



Meditation for Children is a set of 2 CDs, with three guided visualisations, told as adventure stories for children. Adults are invited to share the Meditation for Children stories too.

The Meditation for Children adventures build healthy self esteem, harmony, balance and courage. They teach children how to overcome difficulties, calm anxiety, cope with fear, cultivate attention and awareness, improve body image, sleep better and so much more. Your children will ask you to play Meditation for Children over and over again.

The Meditation for Children guided meditation is a fabulous way to boost success because it really helps unlock the subconscious mind and cultivate inner creative energy. When the energy gets released, children activate manifesting power and allow more health, happiness and confidence to enter into their lives. Other benefits include enhanced memory, confidence, will power, a higher IQ, a sharper mind overall, and loving values.

Meditation for Children Disc 1: 66:56 minutes in total
Visualisation 1: Magical Journey 46:36 mins
Visualisation 2: Star 20:18 mins
Meditation for Children Disc 2: 47:02 mins in total
Visualisation 3: In the Garden 47:02 mins.

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Dimensions 160 × 50 × 125 cm


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