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Nirvana Breakfast Fruit-Nut-Grain nourishes, energises and cleanses. So provide your body with incredible nutrition that tastes amazing.

If you’re feeling anything less than fantastic physically, emotionally and spiritually, there’s a good chance that you’re suffering from toxicity. Most people simply have no idea that excess internal waste and blockages are some of the biggest causes of sluggishness, a host of ailments and even serious diseases that develop as time goes on. Many ancient wisdom cultures such as ayurveda and yoga understand this, which is why colon cleansing; with every change of season is such a vital part of guaranteeing their health and wholesomeness. Toxins are hidden in our food, furniture, personal care and cleansing products, cosmetics and so much more.

In terms of real easing toxicity from your body and feeling renewed, Nirvana’s Breakfast is a simple program of regular, self help ‘house cleaning’ that will release and clear out backed-up internal, wastes from your body that may be weighing you down. It is a very specific, hand crafted blend of organic, whole food ingredients that will help you eliminate unwanted parasites, toxins, blockages and heavy metals from your body that will enable you to feel completely energised again. It is the essential first step to enable you to get the most out of a healthy eating plan and regime.

The positive changes to your body when you consume Nirvana Breakfasts daily are:
Unhealthy cravings disappear
Boosted energy levels
Stronger will power with the determination to continue a healthier lifestyle
You no longer look bloated
Your bowel movement is easier and more regular
You have a greater sense of inner peace
You lose excess weight
Your hair is shinier and your nails stronger
You feel more confident, alive and self assured
You are happier, smile more often and have a sunnier outlook in life

Empty contents of sachet into a deep bowl
Add half a cup of water and (optional)1 tsp of ghee
Cook in microwave on high for 2 mins
Stand for 2 minutes
Eat. Delicious on its own, or with fresh fruit, nuts, yoghurt or mixed in a smoothie with water

Seeds and nuts are highly nutritious. They contain the germ of a new plant and are rich in the essentials of life. All cereals such as rice, wheat, barley, millet and oats, which most people eat each day in various forms, are essentially seeds. Pumpkin, sunflower, chia, sesame and similar seeds are also rich in food value. Eggs, a vital part of the food chain are simply the ‘seed’ counterpart of our feathered friends.

Nirvana Breakfast-to-go
100% Natural. 100% Wholesome.100% Organic
No additives
No herbicides
No pesticides
No preservatives
No artificial anything

For longevity, to lose weight, detoxify, gain health, have more energy and its scrumptious.

Contains nature’s abundant, living, nutritious superfoods:
nuts, seeds, berries, protein, essential fats, antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals
that help maintain harmony and balance, restore health, banish disease.

In convenient, individual, ready-to-microwave, or cook on stove top packages.

INGREDIENTS (listed alphabetically)
FRUIT: Apples. Apricots. Dates. Figs. Gogi berries. Prunes. Raisins. Sultanas.
GRAINS: Oats. Quinoa. Semolina
NUTS: Cashews. Macademia.
SEEDS: Chia. Linseed
SPICES: Cardamom. Cinamon. Ginger. Nutmeg. Tumeric.
SUPERFOODS: Bee Pollen. Jaggery (ground). Lecithin. Milk powder. Protein powder. Sea Salt. Whey powder.


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