Pashmina Shawl Cream/Strawberry


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Hand woven pashmina shawl

An exquisite design covering the entire surface. This fine and soft, light colored and lightweight pashmina shawl is not only warm but truly makes a fashion statement.

Pashmina is a very popular type of shawl that originally comes from an Indian state Kashmir that witnesses chilling cold and heavy snowfall during the season. Women and men in Kashmir have been using pashminas to keep warm for ages. Pashmina wool is unusually warm since it is made of ‘pashm’ or the goat wool. It is the wool of the goats winter coat.

Made from 50% wool, 50% silk.
The size of this pashmina shawl is 2000 x 800mm.

Additional information

Weight 0.312 kg
Dimensions 360 × 350 × 350 cm


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