Peace begins with you



Peace begins with you book


Peace is within you. It is your natural state of being. You can discover, release and radiate this great natural peace in your daily life to change your world. When you are peaceful, you will help everyone around you be peaceful too.


Peace is a powerful word that has many meanings, such as love, kindness, quietude, sharing, happy, smiling, gentleness. Peace can be defined as a state of quietude, calmness, tranquility, freedom from war, harmony.


Inherent in all human beings, just beneath the stormy surface of the ego-centred mind is the great, natural peace, from which we arise. Deep relaxation, breathing, mindfulness, meditation and so on can all be used to release this inherent peace.Impatience, anger, frustration and so on that may arise from sub-conscious thought patterns and/or the desire for control of other people, property or possessions, can be dissolved by opening our awareness and acting in accord with this inner peace.


This book provides some guidelines and suggestions that can be used by any committed person to improve their personal behaviour and quality of life. Never underestimate the inherent power of personal responsibility and respect towards all life to rebuild your world. It is time for you to move past old patterns of self-doubt and worry and love every part of you, and trust that others will love the real you.


The messages herein have arisen from the peace deep in my heart. The truth is everywhere. Wherever you are, it is right where you are.

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