Pure Shanti Ayurvedic Body Oil



Pure Shanti Ayurvedic Herbal Body Oil

The recommended daily routine described in ancient Ayurvedic texts suggests a series of healthy daily practices and activities to ensure that your system is well cleansed inside and out, provide regularity and energetic balance, and maintain the optimum fiunctioning of the body. In the recommended activities for body care, body oiling is an important part.

When you use an appropriate oil to gently massage your body for just 5-10 minutes every day, and complete the ritual by placing a hot towel on your body, and then wiping the oil off, you not only cleanse, boost blood circulation, nourish, relax and rejuvenate your body but also ground your mind.

This incredibly balancing oil comes with characteristic warming and stimulating properties. It helps you shake off stiffness and laziness (toxcity), and also soothes the agitation of nerves and muscle groups, easing off heaviness, stiffness and pain. Arising from its unctuousness and Vata pacifying qualities, in addition to its ‘sara’ or easily spreading nature that goes deep into the deep tissues (dhatus), nourishing the bones, tendons, ligaments, it is Vata-Kapha balancing.

There are no shortcuts to health. Every single day, every single habit compoundingly contributes to what you will be tomorrow. Enjoy a pleasurable way to give yourself a gentle warm-up, soften and smooth dry skin, thrive with an active feeling through the day and feel more flexible.

Pure Shanti Ayurvedic Body Oil is a contemporary rendition of a classical, nourishing ayurvedic body oil is made with pure ingredients, described in the ancient Ashtanga Hridayam Ayurvedic text as the ideal treatment for smooth, soft and clear skin and pain relief. The herbs are processed in pure sesame oil and blended with castor oil and the essential oils of lavender, rose and jasmine. Its products are pure vegetarian and does not contain any mineral oil, silicone, additives, binders, chemicals or heavy metals and is not tested on animals.

• Warm the oil by rubbing it into the palms of your hands, or placing it a hot bath of water around the oil. Do not microwave the oil or hear it directly.

• Make sure to touch/stimulate the vital energy points (marma) and to open up the channels (srotas) for cleaning. Here is what to do:

– Apply first on the crown of your head (adhipati marma) where vital energy is concentrated. You can find this point by placing your thumb at the tip of your nose and stretching your fingers upwards, to the spot where your middle finger touches your scalp.

– Next apply on your earlobes, and give your ears a gentle massage

– Next apply on your navel

– Then massage the bottom of your feet.

• Once this is done, apply the oil in long strokes on your limbs, and circular strokes on your joints

• Next massage your abdomen and chest in circular strokes.

• Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Do not expose yourself to wind or cold.

• Use a towel soaked in hot water, and then wrung out to wipe the oil off your body with it. The heat will also help the effects of the oil to penetrate deeper into your tissues.

• Do not leave the oil on your body, as it will continue to cook with the body’s heat and give the effects of rancid oil, which the body will struggle to digest, and eventually crete more toxcicity. Wash off the excess oil to remove the toxicity that the oil has dissolved from the channels.

• Make sure to dry you body, and to wipe your hands and feet with a dry towel.

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