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Pure Shanti Soaps are artisan, homemade soaps, to nourish your skin and soothe your soul. Lovingly, locally handcrafted and made in Australia, with the highest levels of care from Ayurvedic recipes and utilising the finest natural ingredient to create an exceptional soap designed to enrich and enhance your life every day. No petrochemicals, parabens, animal products, artificial dyes or synthetic preservatives.

They smell and feel divine as they are hand made using only the most natural of oils, fragrances and other pure ingredients. When you breath in their beautifully indulgent fragrances, your body and soul instantly fill with sensations of bliss. These soaps offer an enjoyable bath time everytime.

Pure Shanti Soaps are “Real” soaps with luxurious oils, butters and coconut. Real soap is full of glycerin and it will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised. The cheap bars of soap you buy at the supermarket are actually detergent bars and give soap a bad reputation.

About Pure Shanti Soaps:
Made with high quality vegetable oils, raw organic shea and cocoa butter, castor bean oil, fresh goat milk and local honey. Wherever possible, we like to use local produce. The olive oil, goat milk and honey are produced on farms located on the Mornington Peninsula. Soaps are lightly scented with essential oils or pthalate free fragrance oils. Some of the soaps are plain and others pop with colour with natural colourants, micas and glitters which are skin safe. Clay, when used as a colourant, also enhances lather and draw impurities from the skin.

They all will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Each bar is original and will appear slightly different from images shown.
Each soap is $5.

Rose patchouli

A truly decadent bar. Spoil yourself with this, super moisturising body soap.

The combination of unrefined, organic cocoa and shea butters, and vegetable oils will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised. This soap is coloured with Australian pink clay and the top is sprinkle with dried rose buds.

This body bar is made with locally sourced olive oil, coconut oil, palm and castor bean oil, coconut milk, water, rose clay, silk, mica and rose and patchouli fragrance oils.

Doshic body type: Pitta


This soap is made using coconut and castor bean oils and is lightly scented with Lavender Essential Oil.

Ingredients: Australian Olive Oil, Coconut & Castor Bean Oil, water, silk, Essential Oil.

Eucalyptus and Spearmint

This gorgeous, bubbly soap is high in moisturising Australian Olive Oil.

Ingredients: Australian Olive Oil, Coconut & Castor Bean Oil, water, Essential Fragrance Oil, Silk, Mica.

This soap is made using a Vata dosha recipe. It is lightly scented with Lemongrass Essential Oil.
Ingredients: Australian Olive Oil, Coconut, Palm & Castor Bean Oils, Water, Silk, Essential Fragrance Oil.

Cinnamon Sticks
This soap has is made with our super, bubbly & creamy recipe.
This soap contains Australian olive oil, coconut and castor bean oils, water, silk, fragrance oil.
Doshic type: Vata


The oil of Sandalwood is recommended in ancient ayurvedic texts for skin care and has excellent antiseptic properties. It soothes prickly heat and also other skin rashes.
Ingredients: Australian Olive, Coconut & Castor Bean Oils, Water, Silk, Essential Fragrance Oil.

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