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Pure Shanti™ toothpaste is incredible. It smells fantastic, and the packaging truly reflects the art and craft of the product. And it cleans better than the store brand toxic stuff. Made from a unique formula employing a rare combination of ancient wisdom and modern science, it comprises over 20 natural, active, astringent and antibacterial protective Ayurvedic herbs that strengthens gums, fights plaque, prevents cavities, eliminates bad breath and ensures healthy, strong, bright teeth all the way down to their roots. There’s only one such toothpaste in the world, and you can have access to it. Natural ingredients such as Lemon whitens your teeth naturally, Neem protects. Ashok strengthens, Cardamom and Mint freshens and cools, Clove oil helps relieve tooth aches…it’s a unique formula that leaves your mouth feeling fresh for the entire day.


It’s a non-foaming, non-fluorised, pure vegetarian toothpaste which contains pure extracts of processed:

Cardamom, fennel, galangal, clove, Ashok, Bakul (Spanish cherry), Neem, wild cherry, East Indian arrowroot, amrita, Viaviding, menthol, spearmint, camphor, Sat Ajwayan (Bishops’ weed), ganghpura, coriander, ginger, eucalyptus, lemon, staff tree, Tejbal (Toothache tree) in an aloe vera toothpaste base with permitted, natural preservatives and colour. SLS free.

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