Reflections of a Yogi



Reflections of a Yogi is a banquet of inspiration. It is a masterpiece of wisdom, expressing the profoundest truth of the enlightened mind, using poetry as teaching, in only a few short verses to put you in direct contact with your own enlightened mind.

Reflections of a Yogi arise from a mind that is grounded in the realisation of the fundamental, unmoving, unchanging yet illuminating unity beyond the one, two and many. It is a supremely useful conpilation from the vision and stream of consciousness that has emerged over many years of meditative experience. The writings in this book are based on spiritual teaching in response to many of Shantiji’s students in times of need. It delivers perspectives that nurture, sustain, enrich, and create a framework for personal, inner work and spiritual wellbeing. It will help you keep your life together when you feel broken, and during times of pain, illness, suffering, mourning, healing, love, grace and seeking.

“Reflections bears the imprint of the synthesis of Yoga, Vedanta, Buddhism and Ayurveda – the fields of spirituality and holistic medicine that have inflamed my heart and touched my soul”. Shantiji

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