Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper



A Breakthrough in Oral Hygiene
Ayurvedic natural stainless steel tongue cleaner

Pure Shanti™ Stainless steel tongue cleaning is essential as part of one’s daily oral hygiene. During the night, the tongue becomes coated with a film that can contain bacteria and toxins. This often becomes the basis for bad breath, caries and periodontosis.
A healthy tongue, according to ayurvedic medicine, is pink in color and free from coating. If the tongue becomes polluted, it can not only impair one’s sense of taste, it can also increase one’s susceptibility to throat and mouth infections. For this reason, the tongue should be cleaned daily (especially in the morning).

You can do this quite simply with the ergonometrically shaped Tongue Scraper, and it only takes a few seconds. However, it has a great effect not only on the mouth area, but also on one’s entire well-being.

Maintains your oral hygiene in seconds!
Freshens your breath
Revives your taste buds
Removes bacteria that cause bad breath Ideal for smokers and yeast sufferers.

And it’s this simple: clean the tongue surface with the Tongue Scraper from back to front two or three times as needed. Make sure that you also clean the back part of the tongue, because according to clinical studies, additional germs collect here that can cause bad breath. Rinse out your mouth with water afterwards and clean/rinse the Tongue Scraper.

Highly recommended by doctors and dentists as the ultimate way to clean your tongue.

Why Clean Your Tongue?
Recent studies show that tongue cleaning is the most effective solution for bad breath (halitosis) and for maintaining oral hygiene. The Ultimate Tongue Cleaner has been specially designed to target the problem area by removing the white coating of aama(endo-toxins) at the back of the tongue.

Can’t I just use my toothbrush to do the same thing?
NO! Toothbrushes are designed to brush teeth but you’ve probably noticed that they are not effective at removing the build-up of bacteria on your tongue. A tongue cleaner is specifically designed to remove the build up, and it will outperform any toothbrush, even those with in-built tongue cleaners!

I use a mouthwash, do I still need to use a tongue cleaner?
Yes! A mouthwash may help kill some bacteria, but it will not remove it from your mouth. Nothing beats physically removing the offending odour and toxicity directly and you don’t have to torture your mouth, or your body with chemicals!

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