The Long Search for Meaning



Historical and global perspective of the development of the mind, heart and soul of humankind.

For centuries, religion has divided people and caused wars. Today we have the power to realise that religion can bring us together. People have found purpose and meaning in their lives by seeking to connect heaven with earth, and their mundane lives with something vaster than themselves. This view has a timeliness about it, in the wake of the blow that the world has received from terrorism. The Long Search for Meaning is an introduction and welcome enrichment to the field of the major world religions and their parallels. If this book were required to be read amongst religious leaders around the world, perhaps the wars fought over religious beliefs would end forever. From the various world religions we learn that the Self is defined in accordance with that religion’s dogma and that both oneness and creation are expressed in all religions.

This material looks for the common ground in the external world and in its structure of the tiniest particles and involves definitions and discussions regarding philosophy, psychology, sociology, world religions and also chronological tables. It explores concepts such as:
The human being, the universe, God and their relationship
Voices from ancient times
God and no religion
through the oneness of humankind
The meeting ground of all religions is mind.

This message comes from everywhere:
Love is my religion
Peace is my religion
Kindness is my religion
Come and join us!

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