Yoga for Health and Fitness



At home 60 minute CD Yoga for Health and Fitness is a hatha yoga practice from Shanti Yoga which helps to dissolve stress and tension in your body, free your mind and transform your life. Presented by yoga master Shanti Gowans, who takes you through a powerful class that will tap into a reservoir of energy within, leaving you lighter, younger, happier and inspired in life.

Practice 1: Breath awareness
Practice 2: Eye exercises [Netrasana]
Practice 3: Sun vitalisation [Surya Namaskar]
Practice 4: Yoga relaxation posture [Shavasana]
Practice 5: Backward bending stretches
Cobra [Bhujangasana]
Locust [Shalabhasana]
Bow [Dhanurasana]
Practice 6: Forward bending movements
Full head-to-knee [Paschimottanasana]
Practice 7: Shoulder stand [Sarvangasana]
Practice 8: Fish [Matsyasana]
Practice 9: Sitting posture [Half Spinal Twist]
Practice 10: Diamond [Vajrasana]
Practice 11: Peacock [Mayurasana]
Practice 12: Half head stand [Shirshasana]
Practice 13: Abdominal lift [Uddiyana bandha]
Practice 14: Sign and seal of Yoga [Yoga Mudra]
Practice 15: Deep relaxation [Yoga Nidra]

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