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By Shanti Gowans

September 9, 2021


At the successful completion of this course, you will receive an Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teaching Certificate. This course will provide you with a range of advanced knowledge, skills, and specific competencies to enable you to be a much-needed senior yoga teacher in the community.

The learning outcomes in this program enable you to transfer and apply advanced theoretical concepts and technical skills to a range of situations. It offers opportunities to explore yoga teaching at an advanced level with an understanding of the physical, emotional and restorative effects of yoga postures, yoga breathing and relaxation, together with facilitating students in asana work. Such skills can be applied across a range of roles in a variety on contexts.

The course is designed to equip you as a yoga teacher with the skills to:-

  • Analyse, diagnose, design and execute judgments across a broad range of technical and management functions
  • Generate ideas through the analysis of information and concepts at an abstract level
  • Demonstrate a command of wide ranging, highly specialised, technical, creative and conceptual skills
  • Demonstrate accountability for personal and group outputs.

In this course you will:

  • Learn to instruct a deeper level of yoga health to individuals and in groups
  • Develop advanced skills on how to structure and effectively teach a yoga class to a variety of levels and ages including children, teenagers and seniors
  • Learn to teach advanced yoga asana correctly with yoga breathing and safety features
  • Execute the principles of alignment and adjustment of advanced yoga postures
  • Teach advanced yoga exercises with integrity in small and large groups
  • Teach a series of advanced yoga exercise routines
  • Teach advanced pranayama (yoga breathing) techniques
  • Teach advanced yoga nidra (deep relaxation)
  • Teach specialised yoga concentration
  • Develop advanced interpersonal skills, teaching people, not just poses.
  • Teach yoga for pregnancy
  • Teach specialised classes for children
  • Teach yoga for special needs
    • – Yoga for a Healthy Back
    • – Restorative Yoga
    • – Therapeutic Flows
    • – Chair Yoga
    • – Yoga for Healthy Ageing
    • – Pregnancy Yoga
    • – Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Illness
In conclusion, as a potential Yoga instructor, you will need to demonstrate a broad knowledge base incorporating theoretical concepts with substantial depth in Yoga postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation and apply these skills to a range of situations; and as a yoga instructor, you will be directly responsible for the achievement of group and individual outcomes.

On successful completion of a course, you will be competent to perform duties appropriate to the relevant industries and sectors.

A pathway to complementary medicine VET courses
The Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching is also a pathway towards complementary medicine VET courses such as the Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda. As a graduate of Yoga, you can further your studies in the field of yoga together with ayurvedic medicine and therefore be better equipped to offer an extensive range of services to your clients whilst running your own business.

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