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By Shanti Gowans

September 9, 2021

Purpose of this course

The Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching is designed to provide participants with a thorough knowledge of more advanced asanas, knowledge, skills and specific competencies for the provision of the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching qualification.


This qualification arises from the Industry’s vision for the future services in yogic health and what the workforce for yoga teachers of the future will look like. The course is designed to train the yoga teacher of the future to address yoga workforce development priorities, support what is in place, and address barriers to workforce development and activities. Thus the primary purpose of this qualification is to equip the individual with advanced skills and knowledge to become a senior yoga teacher and to be able to teach yoga to a wider audience.

It is the first step along the road towards becoming a very real master of a small section from the vast body of the ancient, healing art of yoga that can have tremendous benefits for you, in your life and the lives of others. Through its use, as a true master, you can eliminate stress and fatigue, and with deep experience, remove disease from your life.

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