Vision based on wisdom, purpose and community


Ethos, Commitments
and Culture

Commitments are our promises to our students, team members (volunteers and employees) and the broader community. They are important to keep in mind, because they guide us to demonstrate, viz. to authentically showcase what we’re doing to create a culture aligned with our values. In other words, to share relevant, objective and tangible proof that we are walking our talk/walk.

By pledging our actions and efforts to cultivate a socially conscious culture, we demonstrably and publicly work towards:
  • Contributing towards what we care about individually and as a team,
  • Meeting the standards that determine social impact
  • Employing innovative solutions, and
  • Influencing positive change

At Health Institute Australasia

our vision is based on wisdom, purpose and community, and we are proud to cultivate a culture of


At HIA and the Shanti Yoga Centre, we explore living in ways that are spiritually, socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. We are mindful of our social Impact: through connection and conscious living.

honouring diversity, equality and inclusion towards social sustainability and connection
Recognising the connection that exists between all of us and our planet, HIA and the Shanti Yoga Centre is an inclusive place, facilitating people from different ages, nationalities, cultural, religious and language backgrounds, gender and other biases, and various body sizes and shapes, and economic circumstances, are all warmly welcomed and respected… many rivers, one ocean.

Through this cross-pollination, we seek to create a conscious community that is a liberating and nurturing haven with a spiritual, though non-denominational, basis. We are also animal friendly.
Continuous learning, growth and development
Health Institute Australasia and Shanti Yoga encourages informed, factual, unbiased intelligence that comes from a deeper consciousness to heal, support life and growth, empower and extend us. Our training programs, courses and resources have the advantage of mentorship based on decades of successful services. We invite you to get involved in whatever way you can.
Work-life balance

At HIA and the Shanti Yoga Centre, we support attempts to take steps to maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional responsibilities. Each individual needs to apply what works for them… whether it’s flexible working hours or dedicated focused hours, collaborative or hermetic working spaces, participating in community events, retreats, outings, and meals… in an effort to contribute towards wellbeing.

Economic sustainability
This must incorporate the community’s stability as well as an aligned industry that supports individual economic sustainability.
Celebration and care of the planet
Environmental sustainability, regeneration, and stability At HIA and the Shanti Yoga Centre, we take action to cultivate a culture focused on making a positive impact for a better planet. In this connection, we have converted HIA’s course textbooks to PDF ebooks. Students can save the pdf to their hard drive, and so have access to these text books forever. The digital textbooks can be sent to the student more promptly. saving time, money on shipping costs, and the planet. For this very reason, and because of restrictions imposed by the publishers and by copyright, it is not possible to print a PDF eBook. A very big thank you to all of you who have been our helping hands over the years.

Nirvana is our sacred dream of a conscious community caring for mother earth, all her inhabitants, and one another. In our own way, we have incorporated taking steps to meet high standards of environmental performance and accountability, which includes food production and earth care, spring water and rainwater harvesting and dispersal, building, design and construction and renewable energy. Come and join our Touch the Earth and Garden study days. Read about this on
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'Shanti' means 'Peace'

The ‘Shanti’ i.e. peace culture
is (and always has been) the way of life for me.
The ‘team’ culture is the way of work for us.
Shanti Gowans
We are a team built around a shared desire to help people through spirituality, health sciences and leadership. We come from several countries, and we have many different religious faiths, cultural practices, and political beliefs which stem from a varied set of traditions and norms. Every individual is different and unique. Yet, as a team we share values, goals and attitudes… whether written or unwritten. In this community we unite around the aspects we agree on, which are our common purpose, and we accept any other differences we may have.
We invite you to join us in shaping a future where where nature and humanity thrive in harmony, each uplifting the other, where mental wellness and thriving businesses go hand in hand. Learning to take responsibility not only for yourself, but for society as well, is a sign indicating that you want to live a life of meaning and substance. 

  “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King Jr.

 All reasonable people want to eliminate racism and discrimination in the world. However trying to reduce racism by hyper-focussing on race is self-contradictory. Focussing on race is the exact opposite of Martin Luther King Jr’s dream, and will only increase division and polarisation. We cannot achieve a world where no-one cares about race, by hyper-focussing on race. 

We believe the ultimate goal of any inclusivity initiative should be to achieve a world where no-one cares about the colour of a person’s skin, their gender, their sexual preference or their religion. Indeed we want to live in a world where these are amongst the less interesting things about them. 

We believe that the best way to achieve inclusivity is to focus on our shared humanity, equality of opportunity for all, and treating each person as an individual, not as a stereotypical member who is defined by some group based on their skin colour, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity or religion, but rather is defined by their unique individual skills, knowledge, beliefs, preferences and behaviour. 

Because of this we welcome people who support our culture and mission regardless of their ethnic background, skin colour, religion, politics, disability status, sexual orientation or gender identity. 

However, just as two individuals may or may not be compatible with one another, not all individuals are compatible with our team. 

Your character (which grows out of your values and attitude) plays a vital role in having a positive outlook towards life’s events. Life’s trials and tribulations provide you with an opportunity to work on many levels
– to rethink your life,
– to rethink your values,
– to rethink where you’re going,
– to rethink what your career should be, and what your relationship with other people should be. 

We wish you well.