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Health Institute Australasia is an Ayurveda and Yoga school founded by Shanti Gowans, creator of Shanti Yoga™.

Health Institute Australasia (HIA) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering Australian Government accredited Ayurveda and Yoga studies. Based on the beautiful Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, Health Institute Australasia welcomes both Australian and overseas students.

We offer the highest yoga qualification obtainable, not only in Australia but in the world.
Shanti Yoga™ has been established for 50 years with groundings, protocol and somatic techniques drawn from Eastern wisdom traditions and Western science, as well as from the latest research, a diversity of healing modalities and human spirituality that connects us to the sacred. Thus Shanti Yoga™ offers both a manifesto for self-healing and an essential guide to creating a more vibrant, authentic and joyful life.

"Unlike a myriad other paths of ‘awakening’, which start with a presumption of separation, and work directly or indirectly back to our true nature, Shanti Yoga™ starts with your true nature, and stays there. Here, in this placeless place of effortless here-and-now, your inherently peaceful and luminous nature pervades and outshines the entirety of your experience."

"The purpose of education is to culture a person’s mind so that they can accomplish all their aims in life. This education should enable you to develop within yourself the ability to make the best use of your gifts, talents, personality, surroundings, and circumstances so that you are on your way to accomplish the maximum in life for yourself – and then you can make this world available to others."

Studies at the Health Institute Australasia provide a complete, in-depth education, with a curriculum that will enable you to become knowledgeable in your chosen field of study, together with personal development as a responsible human being, fully grown in all the values of life, and established in higher consciousness and understanding.

Authenticity, Government
International Recognition


We provide Authentic yoga and ayurveda training. The Institute has an outstanding publication record, strong academic and research credentials, and an international reputation for the inspiration, quality and breadth of its teaching.

The consistent, high calibre of education and quality of experience of our courses is unsurpassed by any other school of yoga and ayurveda in Australia.

Developed with true dedication and respect for the ancient, and authentic, science of yoga and ayurveda, our courses offer unique opportunities to reach your full potential in life.

Government Accreditation

RTO, ASQA, AQF... what does this all mean?

Health Institute Australasia is a private college and an Australian Government Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Our RTO code is 45524.

Our Government Accredited training and courses are fully compliant with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) which is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector.

Health Institute Australasia is approved by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) to offer programs in the study of Ayurvedic medicine, as provided by the Australian government standards set in the Health Training package. Health Institute Australasia also has government approval for the teaching of Yoga.

International Recognition

Education institutions can only enrol and deliver education services to students in Australia on a student visa if they are registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Our CERT IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses in Yoga and Ayurveda are CRICOS approved. CRICOS No. 03791F

The consistent, high calibre of education and quality of experience from your study will surpass your expectations. Our programs are known for their comprehensive curriculum that far surpasses the standards set by Yoga Teachers Associations and International Associations.

Our long-standing reputation as one of the country’s most reputable yoga, ayurveda and meditation centre is consistently reaffirmed by Australia’s practitioner population, which considers us the number one recommendation.

Our 1800 hour Advanced Diploma of Yoga course is the highest yoga qualification you can obtain. Not only in Australia, but the world!

What does this
mean to you?

In Australia, ASQA regulates courses and training providers to ensure nationally approved quality standards are met. Undertaking a course with an approved provider means that you can be assured of our commitment to the highest quality education available, and that your qualifications are recognised Australia wide and beyond.

  • Australian students are eligible to apply for Austrudy or Youth Allowance while undertaking our courses.
  • International students can apply for a student visa for up to 3 years during their CRICOS approved course with us.
  • We are the ONLY college in Australia to offer a 3-year Government Accredited Yoga Teacher Training program to International students.
  • We offer flexible payment plans and payment options as well as discounts for long term students.

We want you to

We wish you all success in your studies, your interest in full self-actualising and employing the Health Institute’s courses as a tool to grow, develop and reach your full potential.

The Health Institute Australasia welcomes you to join us in celebrating and deepening the commitment to a renewal of humanity, health and wellbeing.

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