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Live the dream, and manifest your destiny.

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."

Mother Theresa
The Shanti Yoga Teachers Association (SYTA) is an association of individuals within the Yoga community who have adopted and are teaching the transformational Hatha Yoga path, and building an enlightened society that works towards a common goal: yoga from heart to heart, door to door, shore to shore.
  • To celebrate our relationships with one another
  • To strengthen our Shanti Yoga community and family
  • To continue to do what we do best
  • To change whatever needs to be changed
  • To shape the future, honouring the past
  • For full teaching members (Level 2 Full Membership):
    • 10% off all short courses and workshops
    • 10% off all Pure Shanti™ Products
    • 10% off all books and cd’s published by Shanti Gowans
  • Associate members receive 5% off all Pure Shanti™ Products, Post Graduate Courses and Workshops.
  • Retail Associates get 30% off all Pure Shanti™ Products, minimum sales of $130.
  • All members receive:
    • e-newsletters periodically throughout the year
    • Access to information on SYTA events Australia-wide
    • Access to networking and volunteering opportunities with other professionals and organisations
  • Specific yoga teachers retreat held annually at the glorious Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat, Beechmont Queensland. Discount applies to SYTA members.
  • INFORMATION. Be kept up todate with information, news and developments about your field and profession.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Access to professional development resources and training.
  • NETWORKING. Network with others in your field and be connected with like-minded professionals and the industry.
  • CREDIBILITY. Gain credibility, nationally and internationally.
  • PROFESSIONAL COMMITMENT. Demonstrate your commitment to your profession. Recognition. Recognition and accreditation available for members that hold relevant qualifications.
  • PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE. Be associated with a strong Code of Ethics.
AAPA is the Australasian Ayurvedic Practitioners Association, a non-profit organisation. All who serve the Association, and those on the Advisory Board, serve as volunteers. AAPA aims to share our expertise, knowledge and experience with all, and to promote preventative health globally whilst acknowledging the natural health tradition from India.
  • Promote and popularise the Ayurvedic system of health care in the community
  • Educate and help people; to promote their wellbeing and health in a natural way
  • Safeguard the interest of Ayurveda in Australasia
  • Assist practitioners of the Ayurvedic system to come together under one umbrella
  • Organise seminars and meetings and to share experience and knowledge
  • Uphold and maintain appropriate standards of Ayurvedic practice.