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The Health Institute Australasia Pty Ltd respects the right to privacy and fully complies with our obligations under the Privacy Act 2000 for all of our applicants.

Under Australian Government regulations all overseas students must be enrolled for, and engaged in, full-time study, unless on a spouse visa.

Any school-aged dependants accompanying an overseas student to Australia will be required to pay full fees if they are enrolled in either a government or non-government school.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is compulsory for all overseas students while studying in Australia. OSHC does not cover optometry, dental services or pre-existing conditions (i.e. prior to entry into Australia). Your OSHC insurance covers 85% of the Government scheduled fee for eligible medical expenses; in other words, you are required to pay the remaining 15% for eligible expenses. For non-eligible medical expenses such as optometry, dentistry or treatment of pre-existing conditions, you must pay 100% of the expenses.

The Health Institute Australasia uses Bupa HI as our provider for international student medical insurance – see

The information provided by the student may be made available to Commonwealth and State Agencies and the Fund Manager of the ESOS Assurance Fund, pursuant to obligations under the ESOS Act 2000 and the National Code.

The school is required to advise the Department of Immigration about certain changes to the student’s enrolment, and any breach by the student of a visa condition relating to attendance or unsatisfactory academic performance.

In common with other educational institutions, all fees are non-refundable unless a course is cancelled by the Health Institute Australasia. The application fee of $250.00 is non-refundable.

The Institute reserves the right to cancel or postpone any courses prior to their scheduled commencement date. In such circumstances, if a course is cancelled, or postponed by more than four weeks, and if the student is unable or unwilling to enrol in a similar course at the Health Institute Australasia, all fees will be refunded within two weeks after the default day, less enrolment fee of $250.

There is no reduction in tuition fees for students who commence late. No refund or extension of time applies.

Fees must accompany your enrolment form for us to process it.

Tuition fees are non-refundable after the start of a course. Commencement is defined as the day you receive your first batch of learning materials via Australia Post, online, or in person.

No refunds or deferments of time or payment are given for failure to attend in fixed schedule courses.

For failure to attend short courses or intensives, no refunds, but credit towards deferment within a reasonable time limit is offered. Non-completion in the fixed duration allocated for the course incurs deferment fee for the student to continue.

All tuition fees, less the $250.00 application fee, will be refunded if the application for visa is rejected. Proof of refusal must be provided. Tuition fees will not be refunded if a student visa is cancelled or refused by the relevant authority due to non-compliance on the part of the student with the rules and regulations set by the Australian Government.

All fees are non-transferable. Any credit of fees held is for the use of that student only.

Students will be responsible for their own:
(i) Equipment
(ii) Text-books
(iii) Professional Association Membership
(iv) Transport
(v) Accommodation
(vi) Meals
(vii) Insurance.

All fees are subject to change, generally per course or on an annual basis. You must confirm current fees before enrolment or re-enrolment. Prepayment in full ensures that you get the course you have enrolled for at the fee listed at the time of your payment.

For short courses such as electives, a deposit is required to secure a place in a class, with the balance of tuition fees due one week prior to commencement.

Any balance of fees not paid by the due date will attract a late fee of 10% per semester.

The Health Institute Australasia reserves the right to vary course fees at any time.

Current and revised fees will apply to all unpaid fees.

Any student enrolled for a course opting to drop out due to any reason, after the date of the commencement of the course will still be eligible for 100% payment of fees.

If you pay your own fees, they are tax deductible if the qualification relates to your employment.

Fees quoted apply to the Academic Year nominated.

Where the student has paid the fees for a course and received course training material in part or in full, no refunds apply.

Where the student has paid the fees for a course and wishes to cancel, a full refund of the fees will be made up to four (4) weeks prior to the commencement of the course – less $300 to cover the costs of administration. Applicants must advise The Health Institute in writing of their intention to withdraw from the course.

How strong are your
English language skills?

Students need a minimum level of 5.5 IELTS English, or equivalent.
In the absence of which, the student must attend a 50-minute Skype interview with our English teacher. The interview carries a refundable fee of $100 which must be paid prior to interview. Once the enrolment form is submitted, the $100 will be deducted from the enrolment fee (which is $250). Should the student not proceed with their enrolment, the fee of $100 will be forfeited.

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