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Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teaching

Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teaching

This is the highest yoga qualification you can obtain not only in Australia but in the world with our Advanced Diploma course being 1800 hours.

Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teaching (accredited course code 10887NAT, CRICOS code 105457E) from the Health Institute Australasia is the third and final part of our Yoga Teacher Training Program. It is an 1800-hour Government Accredited, CRICOS Approved Course.

The Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teaching equips you with advanced skills and knowledge to become a senior yoga teacher and to be able to teach yoga to a wider audience including people of various age groups and people with special needs.

This course follows the Diploma of Yoga Teaching, which you must complete first and which fully qualifies you as a yoga instructor.

The style of yoga we teach is called Shanti Yoga® which is integrated yoga made easy. Shanti Yoga incorporates the physical aspects of hatha yoga and amalgamates it with all the other yoga paths, combining the spiritual and mental in the traditional and classical form of hatha yoga.

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Start Dates, Timetables and Fees

Course Dates:


There are 4 intakes a year, in alignment with Queensland school terms

2021 Starting Dates
1 February
19 April
12 July
5 October

2022 Starting Dates
24 January
19 April
11 July
4 October

Term Dates 2021

  • Monday 1 February 2021 – Thursday 1 April 2021
  • Monday 19 April 2021 – Friday 25 June 2021
  • Monday 12 July 2021 – Friday 17 September 2021
  • Tuesday 5 October 2021 – Friday 10 December 2021

Term Breaks

  • Friday 2 April 2021 – Sunday 18 April 2021
  • Saturday 26 June 2021 – Sunday 11 July 2021
  • Saturday 18 September 2021 – Monday 4 October 2021
  • Saturday 11 December 2021 – Sunday 23 January 2022

Term Dates 2022

  • Monday 24  January 2022 – Friday 1 April 2022
  • Tuesday 19 April 2022 – Friday 24 June 2022
  • Monday 11 July 2022 – Friday 16 September 2022
  • Tuesday 4 October 2022 – Friday 9 December 2022

Term Breaks

  • Saturday 2 April 2022 – Monday 19 April 2022
  • Saturday 25 June 2022 – Sunday 10 July 2022
  • Saturday 17 September 2022 – Monday 3 October 2022
  • Saturday 10 December 2022 – Sunday 22 January 2023



NOTE: The Weekly Practicum schedule in the above 2021 timetables may be subject to change. Please download these timetables again or check the times with our Office Administrator at the beginning of your term.

  • Full-time students must complete their lecture, tutorial and attendance within the allocated period.
  • It is mandatory to sign off hours attended immediately after each and every attendance (class, tutorial, retreat, whatever) and student logbooks need to be kept current. They remain the property of the Institute in your file for assessment validation.
  • Bollywood hours can be added to course attendance hours conditionally. They are relevant to the course to help the student master concentration, pay attention, cultivate their memory and overcome nervousness. This is achieved when an entire dance is learnt, over the 10-week term, and performed – a fitting assessment to the learning. No hours can be clocked up for spasmodic attendance.


Our location

Our campus is located on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, with

proximity to shops, beaches, libraries and other facilities.

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Purpose of this course

The Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching is designed to provide participants with a thorough knowledge of more advanced asanas, knowledge, skills and specific competencies for the provision of the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching qualification.


This qualification arises from the Industry’s vision for the future services in yogic health and what the workforce for yoga teachers of the future will look like. The course is designed to train the yoga teacher of the future to address yoga workforce development priorities, support what is in place, and address barriers to workforce development and activities. Thus the primary purpose of this qualification is to equip the individual with advanced skills and knowledge to become a senior yoga teacher and to be able to teach yoga to a wider audience.

It is the first step along the road towards becoming a very real master of a small section from the vast body of the ancient, healing art of yoga that can have tremendous benefits for you, in your life and the lives of others. Through its use, as a true master, you can eliminate stress and fatigue, and with deep experience, remove disease from your life.

Course Details

Qualification Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teaching
CRICOS Course Code 0100559
Accredited Code 10887NAT
Delivery mode On-campus only.
Duration 156 weeks inclusive of 104 weeks from prerequisites Certificate IV in Yoga Education and Diploma of Yoga Teaching
Hours 1800 hours inclusive of 1200 hours  from prerequisites Certificate IV in Yoga Education and Diploma of Yoga Teaching
Awarded by Health Institute Australasia
Pre-requisites Because of the intense teaching practicum and involved nature of the course, it is a prerequisite and compulsory that course participants have:-


Please note: You can enrol directly in this course even if you haven’t yet done the prerequisites. If you enrol directly into the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching for 3 years, you will automatically be registered to do the pre-requisites.

It just means that you will do Certificate IV for the first year, the Diploma of Yoga Teaching for the second year and the Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teaching for the third year, with each year being 600 hours.

Fees Click here for forms, fees and policies
Entry requirements IELTS score 5.5 is required for international students
The Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching is the cumulation of three years @ 600 hours per year of study. It continues to expand you from your earlier beginnings in Certificate IV in Yoga Education, developing you as a teacher through our Diploma of Yoga Teaching, with deeper approaches to yoga subjects that comprise transformative change and enlightened leadership.



At the successful completion of this course, you will receive an Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teaching Certificate. This course will provide you with a range of advanced knowledge, skills, and specific competencies to enable you to be a much-needed senior yoga teacher in the community.

The learning outcomes in this program enable you to transfer and apply advanced theoretical concepts and technical skills to a range of situations. It offers opportunities to explore yoga teaching at an advanced level with an understanding of the physical, emotional and restorative effects of yoga postures, yoga breathing and relaxation, together with facilitating students in asana work. Such skills can be applied across a range of roles in a variety on contexts.

The course is designed to equip you as a yoga teacher with the skills to:-

  • Analyse, diagnose, design and execute judgments across a broad range of technical and management functions
  • Generate ideas through the analysis of information and concepts at an abstract level
  • Demonstrate a command of wide ranging, highly specialised, technical, creative and conceptual skills
  • Demonstrate accountability for personal and group outputs.

In this course you will:

  • Learn to instruct a deeper level of yoga health to individuals and in groups
  • Develop advanced skills on how to structure and effectively teach a yoga class to a variety of levels and ages including children, teenagers and seniors
  • Learn to teach advanced yoga asana correctly with yoga breathing and safety features
  • Execute the principles of alignment and adjustment of advanced yoga postures
  • Teach advanced yoga exercises with integrity in small and large groups
  • Teach a series of advanced yoga exercise routines
  • Teach advanced pranayama (yoga breathing) techniques
  • Teach advanced yoga nidra (deep relaxation)
  • Teach specialised yoga concentration
  • Develop advanced interpersonal skills, teaching people, not just poses.
  • Teach yoga for pregnancy
  • Teach specialised classes for children
  • Teach yoga for special needs
    • – Yoga for a Healthy Back
    • – Restorative Yoga
    • – Therapeutic Flows
    • – Chair Yoga
    • – Yoga for Healthy Ageing
    • – Pregnancy Yoga
    • – Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Illness
In conclusion, as a potential Yoga instructor, you will need to demonstrate a broad knowledge base incorporating theoretical concepts with substantial depth in Yoga postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation and apply these skills to a range of situations; and as a yoga instructor, you will be directly responsible for the achievement of group and individual outcomes.

On successful completion of a course, you will be competent to perform duties appropriate to the relevant industries and sectors.

A pathway to complementary medicine VET courses
The Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching is also a pathway towards complementary medicine VET courses such as the Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda. As a graduate of Yoga, you can further your studies in the field of yoga together with ayurvedic medicine and therefore be better equipped to offer an extensive range of services to your clients whilst running your own business.

Why do we say this is the best yoga teacher training in the world?

Like no other school in the world, the Health Institute Australasia offers the most in-depth 600-hour, 1200-hour and 1800-hour hatha yoga teacher training courses.

This course is accredited:

Australian Commonwealth Register of Institutions – cricos.education.gov.au Provider ID=03791F

Registered Training Organisation No. 45524


This is the highest yoga qualification you can obtain not only in Australia but in the world with our Advanced Diploma course being 1800 hours.


Our yoga teacher training courses are fully compliant with the Australian Skills Quality Authority. This means that you can be assured of our commitment to the highest quality education available, and that your qualifications are recognised Australia-wide and beyond.


The Health Institute Australasia is the ONLY registered school in Australia offering yoga teacher training to international students.


With 40 years of providing education in Yoga, many of our graduates have successfully established studios right across Australia and worldwide.

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