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Certificate IV in Yoga

Certificate IV in Yoga

Certificate IV in Yoga (accredited course code 10885NAT, CRICOS code 105455G) from the Health Institute Australasia is part of our Yoga Teacher Training Core Program. It is a 600-hour Government Accredited, Austudy and CRICOS Approved Course.

Our Certificate IV in Yoga will help you cultivate a healthy body and a clear mind through the Shanti Yoga method of integrated yoga practice.  It is suitable for both beginners and those who are experienced in yoga practice.


Nationally and Internationally Recognized Qualifications
Our yoga teacher training courses are fully compliant with the Australian Skills Quality Authority. This means that your qualifications are recognised Australia-wide and beyond. A Certificate IV is the first step towards gaining a Diploma. To become a fully qualified yoga instructor, students must complete the Diploma of Yoga Teaching. Read more about Australian Qualifications.

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Start Dates, Timetables and Fees

Course Dates:


There are 4 intakes a year, in alignment with Queensland school terms

2024 Starting Dates
22  January
15 April
8 July
30 September

2025 Starting Dates
28 January
22 April
14 July
7 October

Term Dates 2024

  • Monday 22  January 2024 – Thursday 28 March 2024
  • Monday 15 April 2024 – Friday 21 June 2024
  • Monday 8 July 2024 – Friday 13 September 2024
  • Monday 30 September 2024 – Friday 13 December 2024

Term Breaks

  • Friday 29 March 2024 – Sunday 14 April 2024
  • Saturday 22 June 2024 – Sunday 7 July 2024
  • Saturday 14 September 2024 – Sunday 29 September 2024
  • Saturday 14 December 2024 – Monday 27 January 2025



NOTE: The Weekly Practicum schedule in the above 2023 timetables may be subject to change. Please download these timetables again or check the times with our Office Administrator at the beginning of your term.

  • Full-time students must complete their lecture, tutorial and attendance within the allocated period.
  • It is mandatory to sign off hours attended immediately after each and every attendance (class, tutorial, retreat, whatever) and student logbooks need to be kept current. They remain the property of the Institute in your file for assessment validation.
  • Bollywood hours can be added to course attendance hours conditionally. They are relevant to the course to help the student master concentration, pay attention, cultivate their memory and overcome nervousness. This is achieved when an entire dance is learnt, over the 10-week term, and performed – a fitting assessment to the learning. No hours can be clocked up for spasmodic attendance.


Our location

Our campus is located on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, with

proximity to shops, beaches, libraries and other facilities.

Read more about our location and facilities.

Course Details

Qualification Certificate IV in Yoga
CRICOS Course Code 105455G
Accredited Code 10885NAT
Delivery mode On-campus or online study
(online option is available for both domestic & international students).
Duration 52 weeks
Start Dates 22 Jan, 15 April, 8 July, 30 Sept 2024. Dates in 2025 28 Jan,22 April, 14 July, 7 October 2025
(You may choose one of four course start dates in which the course is presented per year)
Hours 600
Awarded by Health Institute Australasia
Pre-requisites None
Fee Click here for forms, fees and policies
Entry requirements IELTS score 5.5 is required for international students

Certificate IV in Yoga represents the foundation course in Shanti Yoga, meticulously designed and taught by Shanti Gowans and Shanti Yoga teachers. It is a complete introduction to the foundations of yoga and its wisdom traditions, designed to be applied to the complexity of our daily lives and to develop health, courage and sanity in these troubled times of uncertainty.

This course helps you deepen your own practices and understanding of the philosophy and psychology of Yoga. It is suitable for both beginners and those who are experienced in yoga practice.

Commence your formal studies with yoga for self-maintenance and establish the foundational curriculum and groundwork for all subsequent training. The Certificate IV in Yoga course is the foundation for a progressive, deep, exploration program of yoga and yourself. It introduces participants to several basic practices of yoga drawn from the unique lineages of Hatha (Tantra) and Raja Yoga, Samkhya and Vedanta. The training delves into:-

  • The ethical principles (yamas) and observances (niyamas)
  • The postures (asana)
  • Breathwork (pranayama)
  • Deep yogic healing relaxation (nidra)
  • Concentration and meditation (dharana and dhyana)
  • Dietary understanding and purification
  • Physical and subtle anatomy
  • Philosophy
  • Scriptural study
  • Pedagogy
  • Yogic lifestyle

… and includes actual experiential practices, lectures, sat sang, kirtan and darshan.

Unit Code Unit Description
1 NAT10885001 Develop and implement a personal self mastery action plan
2 NAT10885002 Apply the principles of Ayurveda self-care for health
3 NAT10885003 Apply yoga history, literature, and philosophy to own practice
4 NAT10885004 Perform a range of common Yoga postures
5 NAT10885005 Develop yoga breathing techniques
6 NAT10885006 Develop and apply yoga relaxation techniques
7 NAT10885007 Use Yoga techniques to develop effective concentration
8 NAT10885008 Develop and apply meditation skills
9 NAT10885009 Perform yoga chanting
10 NAT10885010 Adopt yoga practices for ethical living
11 HLTAID011 Provide first aid

Online Study

The Certificate IV in Yoga is available via distance for domestic students and international students who wish to obtain an Australian Government recognised qualification.

If you are a domestic student and elect to study online:-

  • You will be required to attend 1 week of unlimited attendance on our campus (the Shanti Yoga Gold Coast studio)
  • + You will receive 1 FREE weekend yoga residential retreat at the Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary, Gold Coast

The majority of your units can be completed via distance education with the facilities of online training, Skype tutorials, resource materials, homework and assignments.

The flexibility of online study allows you to start at any time. Online study can take advantage of our private 1-1 Skype tutorials with our lecturers (optional); these can be arranged at a mutually suitable time, 30 minutes once a month for a duration of 10 months.

The duration of online study is 1 year.

Read more on our Online Yoga Teacher Training page.

Purpose of this course

Yoga has been shown to positively benefit one’s emotional, mental and social well-being.

This course provides the student with the confidence and skills, in a mix of fundamental yoga theory and practices. It introduces the student to practical experience in yoga asana (postures), pranayama (yoga breathing), nidra (yoga relaxation), meditation, mantra, chanting, yoga health, with an introduction to the basic study of anatomy and physiology, ayurveda, yogic cooking, yogic and life philosophy including the fundamentals of self mastery, concentration, leadership and ethics. It also covers the deep and historical origins and background of yoga.

It is also the common, first, academic year, and provides the underpinning and foundational knowledge and skills whereby students without any previous study in yoga can enrol to undertake higher education in the form of the Diploma of Yoga Teaching and Advanced Diploma of Therapeutic Yoga Teaching. Students experience a culturally rich, academically rigorous, integrative and holistic approach that sets them up for a successful study experience that leads to a wholesome, richer life.



The program and curriculum revolves around super health in the following:

  • Sharira – optimum health for the body.
  • Sundara – rejuvenation, anti-ageing, beauty and inspiration
  • Shudha – detoxification, for purity of mind and body
  • Sukha – emotional de-stress and happiness
  • Santosha – contentment
  • Shakti – energy and positivity
  • Shanti – peace, peace, deep peace

Fundamental classroom training:

Class attendance. On the mat and meditation cushion, in an ideal world would equate to 10 hours a week to accrue 400 hours a year. The Shanti Yoga™ clear teaching style and Shantiji’s relaxed sense of humor will provide you with a complete yoga, breathing, relaxation and meditation practice that teaches you how to express your life’s true purpose creatively and confidently.

Face-to-face practice on the mat and meditation cushion includes:

  • Yoga
  • Nidra (deep relaxation and self healing)
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama (yoga breathing)
  • Bharat Natyam (classical Indian culture and dance)
  • Bollywood (contemporary Indian dance)
  • Kirtan (chanting)
  • Darshan (philosophy & discourse from the wisdom teachings and discussion with Q&A)
  • Karma Yoga (selfless service)


20 weeks of peaceful, instructional tutorials, per academic year, provide the Shanti Yoga™ curriculum on Monday evenings, 4:45-6:45 pm. These are conducted in discrete modules, which wholistically meld into the syllabus. They accrue 80 course hours per year and can be attended by Skype.

  • Sanskrit
    Thursday 2/05/2024
    Thursday 9/05/2024
    2:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Children’s Yoga (optional)
    13,20,27 May 2024

Weekly Sutras Tutorials: Tuesdays 2-3:30pm

  • COURSE 1 – Samadhi Pada
    The Goal of Yoga: The Path of Meditation, unified consciousness, cessation of thought and contemplative calm
  • COURSE 2 – Sadhana Pada
    The Path of Practice: Eight limbs
  • COURSE 3 – Vibhuti Pada: The Results of Practice
  • COURSE 4 – Kaivalya Pada: The Path of Liberation

Residential weekend retreats

Spend a peaceful and wholesome weekend with Shanti Yoga teachers and mentors. There are 4 residential retreats per year that are included in your course curriculum. They are a bonus and a gift from Shantiji and no fees are levied for twin-share accommodation. Upgrades to a single room are based on availability.

Retreats are Healthy Living Immersion Programs that offer you a holistic approach to health. This means that you focus not only on the health of the body, but also on the mind and heart and environment, helping you discover a new level of wellness and vitality.  Friday 4pm to Sunday 4 pm.


July 2023 INTAKES

21-23 July 2023: Cook Taste, Heal: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body
27-29 October 2023: Living with meaning, passion, and purpose
16-18 February 2024: Believe in Yourself Transform your life
10-12 May 2024: Letting Go

Note: Massages, wellness treatments, single room upgrade and special diets are available as optional extras.

Course curriculum is changed periodically to reflect the changing needs of the profession, to retain leadership in academic standards, and to fulfil the changing needs of the end user in the world.


Yoga Certification

You will receive a Certificate IV in Yoga at the completion of your course. A Certificate IV is required before you can proceed to earning a Diploma. It does not qualify you to be a yoga teacher, but is a required preparation for a Diploma course.

Internationally recognised qualifications. The Health Institute Australasia is a Government registered training organisation (RTO). Our RTO code is 45524. Our Government Accredited training and courses are fully compliant with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) which is the national regulator for Australia’s vocational education and training sector. This means that your certificate and qualifications are recognised Australia-wide and beyond.

Certificate IV in Yoga qualifies individuals with a broad range of specialised knowledge and skills in various contexts to undertake their own skillful practice and as a pathway for further learning.

Graduates of Certificate IV in Yoga will have broad factual, technical and theoretical knowledge in the specialised field of yoga. They will have:

  1. Cognitive skills to identify, analyse, compare and act on yoga information from a range of sources
  2. Cognitive, technical and communication skills to apply and communicate yoga solutions to a range of predictable and unpredictable problems
  3. Specialist yoga skills to execute routine and non-routine yoga tasks and functions
  4. Communication skills to share their yoga learning

The volume of learning serves as a fitting foundation for entry level to the Diploma of Yoga Teaching and Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching.

What you get

Your Certificate IV In Yoga Package includes:

Inclusive in the fees for this course are the following:

+ CD’S:

class attendance for your period of study
at the Health Institute Australasia as per the timetable:

Hatha Yoga, stretch and tone
Nidra, deep relaxation & self healing
Meditation, focus and concentration
Pranayama, breathe and heal
Kirtan, chanting, sound and vibration therapy
Darshan, philosophy & discussion with Shanti Gowans
Bharat Natyam, classical Indian culture and dance (optional)
Bollywood – contemporary Indian dance (optional)


Self Mastery
Yoga Health
Yoga Relationships
Healthy Body
Yoga Postures (asana)
Yoga Breathing (pranayama)
Yoga Relaxation (nidra)
Effective Concentration (dharana)
Yoga Meditation (dhyana)
Yoga Sound (Sanskrit calligraphy, pronunciation, chanting)
Yoga Leadership and business skills
What’s It All About
Children’s Yoga

      (including shared accommodation, meals, program and yoga duties)
      Massages, wellness treatments, single room upgrade and special diets are available as optional extras.

      Topics for Cert IV Yoga course students:
      Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and Ayurvedic cooking retreat
      What is your Dharma? Meaning, Purpose, Happiness
      Believe in Yourself, Transform your Life.
      Emotional Wellbeing

N.B. Additional course notes are provided
in subsequent levels of training, namely
Diploma of Yoga Teaching
Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching.


You will get a Contact Journal for monitoring your attendance.


You will be provided with a Student ID card which is for concessions on transport, movies etc.

What is Yoga?

Yoga represents universal aspirations, ideals, sentiments and practices for a harmonious life. It stems from an Indian art of freedom and wellness that has been practised for over two thousand years.

Shanti Yoga is a unique and integrated system of yoga developed by yoga master Shanti Gowans. The Shanti Yoga program is a holistic program for body, mind and spirit. Physically, Shanti Yoga presents a form of gentle, relaxing exercise, that strengthens the joints, muscles, tendons and bones, increases flexibility, stimulates the circulation of energy in the body, and enhances mental clarity. This provides the foundations for sitting meditation practice towards emotional wellbeing, peace of mind and enlightenment. Slow movements, mindful stretching, floor, sitting and standing postures, internal self-massage, yogic breath work together with meditation allow healthy individuals to maintain physical and mental well-being.

This course is accredited:

Australian Commonwealth Register of Institutions – cricos.education.gov.au Provider ID=03791F

Registered Training Organisation No. 45524


This is the first step towards the highest yoga qualification you can obtain not only in Australia but in the world with our Advanced Diploma course being 1800 hours.


Our yoga teacher training courses are fully compliant with the Australian Skills Quality Authority. This means that you can be assured of our commitment to the highest quality education available, and that your qualifications are recognised Australia-wide and beyond.


The Health Institute Australasia is the ONLY registered school in Australia offering yoga teacher training to international students.


With 40 years of providing education in Yoga, many of our graduates have successfully established studios right across Australia and worldwide.

Accredited Course Enquiry

Course Enquiry

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