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Distance Learning Ayurveda

Distance Learning Ayurveda

Online Ayurveda Training in Australia


You can do Online Ayurveda Training  by distance learning in Australia. The Health Institute Australasia is a Government registered training organisation (RTO), located on the Gold Coast in Queensland. We offer Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation by Distance Education to domestic (Australian) students and international students who wish to obtain an Australian Government recognised qualification.

Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation  from the Health Institute Australasia is a 600-hour Government Accredited Course (Accredited Course Code HLT 52615, CRICOS code 0100555). This course is designed for health seekers and is the foundational study course for Ayurvedic practitioners.

You will be required to do some components of the course on campus such as Ayurvedic cooking, massage etc. However, the majority of your units can be completed via distance education with the facilities of on-line training, optional Skype tutorials, resource materials, homework and assignments.

This qualification covers the skills needed to be an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. An Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant provides advice and assistance on living according to ayurvedic principles. This qualification does not cover ayurvedic remedial or therapeutic care.

– Quote: ANTA (Australian National Training Authority)

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Start Dates, Timetable & Fees


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Course Dates:


There are 4 intakes a year, in alignment with Queensland school terms, for face-to-face tuition. Online students can start at any time.

2023 Starting Dates
23 January
17 April
10 July
3 October

2024 Starting Dates
22  January
15 April
8 July
30 September

2025 Starting Dates
28 January
22 April
14 July
7 October

Term Dates 2023

  • Monday 23  January 2023 – Friday 31 March 2023
  • Monday 17 April 2023 – Friday 23 June 2023
  • Monday 10 July 2023 – Friday 15 September 2023
  • Tuesday 3 October 2023 – Friday 8 December 2023

Term Breaks

  • Saturday 1 April 2023 – Sunday 16 April 2023
  • Saturday 24 June 2023 – Sunday 9 July 2023
  • Saturday 16 September 2023 – Monday 2 October 2023
  • Saturday 9 December 2023 – Sunday 21 January 2024

Term Dates 2024

  • Monday 22  January 2024 – Thursday 28 March 2024
  • Monday 15 April 2024 – Friday 21 June 2024
  • Monday 8 July 2024 – Friday 13 September 2024
  • Monday 30 September 2024– Friday 13 December 2024

Term Breaks

  • Friday 29 March 2024 – Sunday 14 April 2024
  • Saturday 22 June 2024 – Sunday 7 July 2024
  • Saturday 14 September 2024 – Sunday 29 September 2024
  • Saturday 14 December 2024 – Monday 27 January 2025





9:30 – 5:00pm





9:30 – 5:00pm


LIVING AYURVEDA Residential detox retreat

  • 30 June-9 July 2023. OR  22 September–1 October 2023.
  • inclusive of shared accommodation, Ayurvedic meals, tuition, medicines, and program at Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat, Beechmont, Queensland.

Our location

yoga teacher training gold coastOur campus is located on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, with proximity to shops, beaches, libraries and other facilities.


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Course Details

Qualification Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda
CRICOS Course Code 0100556
VET National Code HLT62615
Delivery mode On-campus full time, 4 days per week attendance
Duration of course 2 years (104 weeks) for the Advanced Diploma
(2 years in total including the Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation)
Hours 1200 hours including 400 hours of supervised clinical training
Term Dates See tab for “Start Dates, Timetable & Fees” above
Awarded by Health Institute Australasia
Pre-requisites IELTS 5.5 for International students +
A First Aid certificate. See below for more details.
Fee Click here for forms, fees and policies
Entry requirements IELTS score 5.5 is required for international students

Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda

The Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda is a nationally recognised vocational training course that draws from the extensive classical and authentic traditions of Ayurveda. With 1200 hours of training, this course provides a breadth and depth of learning that is second to none, and which has earned it the highest regard both nationally and internationally.

Whilst firmly anchored in the classical heritage of Ayurveda, the course is based on a synthesis of the current perspectives on health, along with an integration of contemporary well-being information and practices. This accredited Ayurvedic course has been developed in consultation with a wide range of teachers and practitioners of Ayurveda, including representatives of the health care industry and training authorities.

Deepen your spiritual and personal journey into health and healing. Incorporate all that you learn into your own life, so that you ‘walk your talk’ and serve as a role model for all that you preach and teach. This practitioner course is unique in that it is runs as a fixed course, in a set time, over three trimesters. Its foundation study is parallel with Certificate IV in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation (now superseded by the Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation), with its lifestyle counselling and preventative medicine emphasis. Our Certificate IV courses are eligible for Austudy.

The Health Institute Australia provides outstanding training for the Ayurvedic Practitioner in the following areas:

  • It provides a strong foundation in the traditional principles of Ayurveda.
  • It has an excellent, extensive, herbal program, with training in managing and administering herbal medicine and other treatment plans according to the philosophy and practices within an Ayurvedic framework.
  • It provides a deep training in Ayurvedic psychology to provide the skills in listening and counselling required to assist patients with mental and emotional complications that arise with their health issues.
  • It is integrated with Yoga therapy. Ayureda and yoga rest upon the same philosophy and arise from the same Vedic-rishi traditions.
  • It has a clinical foundation. Ayurveda is a complete medical system capable of helping humanity to heal a wide array of chronic diseases that confound Western physicians.
  • It embraces the skills needed to work as a practitioner in Ayurvedic Therapeutic and Remedial Treatments, including Ayurvedic herbal medicine, Ayurvedic massage and Ayurvedic nutritional advice.
  • It includes actual experiential practices.



The course encompasses a variety of subjects and areas including:-

  • Doshas
  • Ayurvedic nutrition
  • Ayurvedic herbal medicine
  • Panchakarma practices
  • Ayurvedic massage and therapies
  • Marmas (specific points in the body) and chakras.

In addition, biomedical sciences, communication and basic counselling, workplace health and safety, practice management, professional practice and development in relation to the practice of Ayurveda are covered. Many other short courses are also offered to complement the course and create awareness of other natural therapy modalities such as yoga, meditation, vedic astrology and more.

Students progress through the course by completing HIA subjects that are mapped against nationally endorsed units of competency from the health training package. Upon completion of all the HIA subjects and clinical requirements students will receive a nationally recognised qualification. Students may have to complete more than one HIA subject to gain a complete unit of competency.


Ayurvedic training at the Health Institute Australia covers:-

  • Ayurvedic Nutrition
  • Ayurvedic Cooking
  • Kitchen Pharmacy
  • Herbal Medicine and Therapy
  • Pulse diagnosis
  • Tongue diagnosis
  • Marma point therapy
  • Yoga, PranayamaNidra, Meditation
  • Ayurvedic Massage and Treatments
  • Ayurvedic Remedial therapies
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Stress Management
  • Lifestyle and Dietary Counselling

Students are required to complete a minimum 400 hours of supervised clinical training. These clinical sessions are conducted and supervised by qualified practitioners at the student clinic on our Gold Coast campus and at Nirvana Wellness Retreat.




Ayurvedic Course Units Year
HLTAYV001 Develop Ayurvedic practice 1st
HLTAYV002 Make Ayurvedic lifestyle assessments 1st
HLTAYV003 Provide Ayurvedic bodywork therapies 1st
HLTAYV004 Provide Ayurvedic lifestyle advice 1st
HLTAYV005 Provide advice on Ayurvedic nutrition 1st
HLTAYV006 Take cases within an Ayurvedic framework 2nd
HLTAYV007 Diagnose conditions within an Ayurvedic framework 2nd
HLTAYV008 Provide Ayurvedic remedial therapies 2nd
HLTAYV009 Provide therapeutic Ayurvedic nutritional advice 2nd
HLTAYV010 Select and advise on Ayurvedic medicines – dravyaguna 2nd
HLTAYV011 Prepare and dispense Ayurvedic medicines – dravyaguna 2nd
HLTAYV012 Monitor and evaluate Ayurvedic treatments 2nd
CHCCOM006  Establish and manage client relationships 1st
CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people 1st
CHCLEG003 Manage legal and ethical compliance 1st
CHCPRP003 Reflect on and improve own professional practice 1st
CHCPRP005 Engage with health professionals and the health system 1st
HLTAAP003 Analyse and respond to client health information 2nd
HLTINF004 Manage the prevention and control of infection 1st
HLTWHS004 Manage work health and safety 1st
HLTAID003 Provide first aid 1st
BSBSMB404 Undertake small business planning 1st
CHCAGE001 Facilitate the empowerment of older people 1st
CHCCCS001 Address the needs of people with chronic disease 1st
CHCDIS007 Facilitate the empowerment of people with disability 1st
CHCMHS001 Work with people with mental health issues 1st

For the Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda you need to achieve competencies in the following:

Units of Competency
BSBFLM303B Contribute to effective workplace relationships
HLTCOM502 Develop professional expertise
HLTCOM4A Communicate effectively with clients/patients
HLTCOM5A Administer a Practice/
HLTCOM6A Make referrals to other health care professionals when appropriate
HLTCOM8A Use specific medical terminology to communicate with clients/patients
HLTHSE1A mplement and monitor occupational health and safety policies
HLTHSE2A Implement & monitor OH&S policies, procedures & programs
BSBCMN204A Work effectively with others
BSBCMN303A Contribute to the effective workplace relationship
HLTIN1A Manage infection control
HLTIN4A Manage infection control
HLTHIR2A Contribute to organisational effectiveness in the health industry
HLTFA2A Apply advanced first aid
HLTAYV1A Plan the Ayurvedic herbal medicine treatment strategy – dravyaguna
HLTAYV2A Plan the Ayurvedic treatment strategy – chikitsa
HLTAYV3A Prepare and dispense Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine – dravyaguna
HLTAYV4A Provide Ayurvedic advice on nutrition – Aahar
HLTAYV5A Plan the Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine treatment
HLTAYV6A Provide Ayurvedic relaxation massage treatment
HLTAYV7A Plan the Ayurvedic Remedial massage treatment strategy
HLTAYV8A Manage work within the Ayurvedic framework
HLTAYV9A Perform Ayurvedic health assessment
HLTAVY10A Provide Ayurvedic Remedial Massage health assessment
HLTAYV11A Provide Ayurvedic Remedial Massage treatment
HLTAYV12A Provide Ayurvedic lifestye consultation
HLTAYV13A Provide Ayurvedic treatment
HLTAYV14A Work within an Ayurvedic framework for lifestyle consultants
HLTAYV15A Diagnosis of a disease, nidana – Apply Ayurvedic diagnostic framework

What you get

Your Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda Package Includes:

Inclusive in the fees for this course are the following:


All course materials for Modules 1-10, common units, Ayurvedic cooking and Ayurvedic massage modules are included.

Certificate IV Yoga Manual



class attendance for your period of study
at the Health Institute Australia as per the timetable

Ayurvedic Cooking by Shanti Gowans
Ayurveda for Health and Wellbeing by Shanti Gowans



Healthy Body by Shanti Gowans
Yoga and Ayurveda Dictionary by Shanti Gowans

yoga retreat gold coast

Your course includes:-

  • 10 Day Detox. Be nourished by nature. Twin-share accommodation, delicious Ayurvedic vegetarain meals and Retreat Lectures.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and Ayurvedic cooking retreat
“Healthy mind, healthy body” is an ayurvedic nutrition and cooking residential weekend at our Nirvana Wellness Retreat.

Ayurveda is a science that has its roots in ancient Indian culture. It’s simple and extremely practical significance can be adapted to our culture and time. It is the ‘mother of all healing systems’ as it embraces all modalities. We have re-created the most idyllic Ayurvedic retreat, Nirvana Wellness Retreat on 70 acres, where you can attend tutorials, practicum and immersion programs.

This weekend retreat is available at student rates for all ayurvedic student to attend. It includes shared accommodation, meals, program and yoga duties.

(Massages, wellness treatments, single room upgrade and special diets are available as optional extras.)

Optional Extras


Ayurvedic study tour to IndiaSelected Ayurveda students from the Health Institute Australia may be offered the opportunity to participate in studies in India, and clinical placement at a leading Ayurvedic Hospital in Pune, India.

Clinical placement costs / travel / accommodation, etc. are at an additional cost.

Dr. Manish PatwardhanDr. Manish Patwardhan, Ayurvedic Physician and Consultant and postgraduate doctor in Ayurveda, will be heading a team of Indian Ayurvedic doctors who will be conducting the training, which aligns within the scope of the current Australian government accredited course Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda: HLT62615 

Assessment will be conducted jointly by your teachers from the Ayurveda Institute (AI) in India, together with the Health Institute Australia (HIA).

Three units from the Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda: HLT62615

  • pathology
  • herbs
  • treatments
  • together with revision of the basic principles of Ayurveda

These units of competency will be given credit to students who have been assessed in them and who wish to enrol in the full Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda with the Health Institute Australia.

Two groups of students are eligible to attend this 4 week intensive in India:

  1. Upon completion of the Cert IV in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation course or the Diploma in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation course, students can enrol for just this 4 week intensive study in India, and start to practice.
  2. For students want to continue their studies for the Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda, the fees they have paid towards enrolment and their studies in India through HIA, together with the subjects they have studied, will be recognised and credited towards the Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda.

Also included are field trips to:-

  • Ayurvedic pharmacy to see the production of medicine
  • Ayurvedic hospital
  • Ayurvedic herb garden
  • Clinics with patients 1:1
  • Panchakarma training

Graduates from The Health Institute are eligible for membership and encouraged to join professional associations relevant to their modality and location. Annual membership to AAPA is encouraged and necessary for insurance purposes. Australasian Ayurvedic Practitioners Association has various levels of membership:Australasian Ayurvedic Practitioners Association

  1. Ayurvedic Practitioner $85
  2. Ayurvedic Clinical Consultant $55
  3. Ayurvedic Trainee $25
  4. Associate/Friend $25

Contact AAPA’s secretary: Hilary Sullivan
Email: aapa@onthenet.com.au
Website: ayurvedaaustralia.com


Senior First Aid is compulsory for graduates who wish to join a professional association such as AAPA for insurance purposes. For HIA students, Provide First Aid HLTAID003 is included in your course training, and covered by your fees. Please diarise the date to attend.


At the completion of the course, students receive an Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda. This qualification is from the Australian Government accredited Health Training Package and is CRICOS approved.

Occupational titles for these workers may include:

  • Ayurveda practitioner
  • Ayurveda therapist

The Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda course trains you as an Ayurvedic Practitioner. You will learn to check the equilibrium of each person, defining their composition and help them quantify the status of their equilibrium through Ayurvedic Diagnosis.  You will also help the patient achieve optimum health and well-being through recommending natural Ayurvedic medicine, Panchakarma, Detox & cleanses, Nutrition advice, Shirodhara, Massage & Yoga therapies for stress management etc.

Our extensive hands-on training prepares you for entry into the work force or your own practice.

The Health Institute Australia provides outstanding training for the Ayurvedic Practitioner in the following areas:-

  • Through our excellent, extensive, herbal program, you will be trained in managing and administering herbal medicine and other treatment plans according to the philosophy and practices within an Ayurvedic framework.
  • You will have deep training in Ayurvedic psychology to provide you with the skills in listening and counselling required to assist patients with mental and emotional complications that arise with their health issues.
  • Your training is integrated with Yoga therapy. Ayurveda and yoga are founded upon the same philosophy and arise from the same Vedic-rishi traditions.
  • Your training has a clinical foundation. Ayurveda is a complete medical system capable of helping humanity to heal a wide array of chronic diseases that confound Western physicians.
  • You will gain the skills needed to work as a practitioner in Ayurvedic Therapeutic and Remedial Treatments, including Ayurvedic herbal medicine, Ayurvedic massage and Ayurvedic nutritional advice.

Industry Recognition and Licensing Requirements

Upon completion of the course, graduates are eligible to apply for memberships at professional associations such as the Australasian Ayurvedic Practitioners Association (AAPA) or other professional membership organisations that represent Ayurvedic practitioners. However Industry association may require additional information and conditions for membership and  requirements may change periodically. As such, prospective students are encouraged to contact the relevant professional bodies for current membership requirements. Currently there are no licensing requirements to practice Ayurveda in Australia.

Career Opportunities

Ayurveda offers a diverse range of career pathways, and opportunities are increasing with the acceptance of Ayurveda into western medicine. Typical career options include:-

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management Consultant
  • Ayurvedic Massage Therapist
  • Ayurvedic Practitioner
  • Health Food Consultant
  • Ayurvedic Cook
  • Vedic Life Coach
  • Yoga & Meditation Practitioner
  • Clinical Training

Degree pathway

Students who have completed any of the Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda or other Diploma courses offered by the Health Institute Australia are eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine) degree or Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the knowledge of life and health. It is Indian naturopathy which stems from the time of the Vedas. It is the oldest and most comprehensive system of medicine invented for humankind. The term Ayurveda means the ‘science of life’.

… Read more about ‘What is Ayurveda’


Our accredited Ayurveda courses are fully compliant with the Australian Skills Quality Authority. This means that you can be assured of our commitment to the highest quality education available, and that your qualifications are recognised Australia-wide and beyond.


This accredited Ayurvedic course has been developed in consultation with a wide range of teachers and practitioners of Ayurveda, including representatives of the health care industry and training authorities.


Our CEO, Shanti Gowans, sits on the advisory board of the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council as an industry expert in the field of Ayurveda. She is also the president of the AAPA (Australasian Ayurvedic Practitioners Association).


We provide high quality medicinal products for ayurvedic students to use personally or to recommend to clients.  These products are specifically prepared for the Health Institute Australasia.


We offer a Nutrition program like no other – no cans, packets or frozen foods, not even cans of coconut water. We believe fresh is best, whether it be fresh coconut water or herbs and spices, fresh vegetables, home-made sauces, breads and beverages – all made from scratch.


We have our very own Ayurvedic retreat centre only 40 minutes from the main campus which has an amazing 70 acre property for students to learn experientially, enjoy the Ayurvedic gardens, planting, picking & eating delicious organic fresh produce & much more.

stralian Commonwealth Register of Institutions – cricos.education.gov.au Provider ID=03791F

Registered Training Organisation No. 45524

Accredited Course Enquiry

Course Enquiry

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