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By Shanti Gowans

March 29, 2021

About the Author, Shanti Gowans

Shanti Gowans, CEO of Health Institute Australasia, is a long term meditator and teacher. She is a renowned yogi, international spiritual teacher and Living Master. Trained from childhood in the ancient wisdom practices, she is a master of their traditional wisdom and techniques, as  well as in the system of philosophy and psychology on which such techniques are based.

Born in India, and  educated in both the Eastern and Western traditions, Shantiji migrated to  Australia in 1972, and established the Shanti Niketan Yoga and Health Centres in Melbourne. In 1995 The Shanti Yoga & Meditation Institute was established on the Gold Coast (Australia) where Shantiji currently lives and formally teaches a community of students.

Shanti Gowans has authored the following books on Meditation:

The eternal secret of all human achievement

Dissolving Inner Conflict (out of print)
through Meditation, the mind and its control

An Easy Guide to Meditation
The journey home to your heart.

Inner Peace Handbook
Eastern mystical secrets for daily joy and lasting happiness.

The art and science of meditation for health, wellbeing and selfcare.

The art of conscious living

Reflections of a Yogi
Deep, inspirational, poetic wisdom with refreshing perspectives.

Sitting beyond Thinking
Everything you have ever wanted and needed to know about Vipassana meditation,
with full reference to the Buddha’s Maha Satipatthana Sutra

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